Torture Tree

Picture of the Torture Tree at Boyd and Parker Memorial Park The Torture Tree in Cuylerville, NY is a large Oak Burr Tree that is around 250 years old. It is the site of a horrible torture of two Revolutionary soldiers, Thomas Boyd and Michael Parker. In 1779 by an order from George Washington, they were scouting the area for General Sullivan's army in preparation for a planned raid of the Seneca Indians. Boyd and Parker were captured by the Indians and forced to undergo hours of torture near this tree until they died. Their bodies which were buried in the area were looted by grave robbers so the remains were sent to Mount Hope Cemetery where a memorial was placed for them in remembrance of this horrific event.
Picture of the Boyd and Parker Memorial in Mount Hope Cemetery This is the memorial stone set up for Boyd and Parker in Mount Hope Cemetery. It is located near the Fireman's Monument off of Grove Avenue. There are small stones for others in the party nearby.

Address: Boyd and Parker Memorial Park: Cuylerville, NY- off of 20A

Boyd and Parker Memorial Park

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