Seth Green Park

Tree on Seth Green Island Partial view of Lower Falls

Seth Green Park is located on the site of the old settlement of Carthage on the east side of the Genesee River. It is south of Seneca Park. There is a small parking lot and a road running south that is closed to cars but open to walkers. This goes down to the river. Off this road is a path that goes north along the river and has many areas for fishing. Seth Green Island can be seen from this path. If you continue to follow the road south, there will be a partial view of Lower Falls. Follow the road North from the parking lot that is open to cars and there will be a sign that leads down to another path that goes done the bank to the river. This can be followed south and loops to the path from the bottom of the park.

Seth Green (1817-1888) was a successful fisherman who researched fish hatching and was the founder of the Caledonia Fish Hatchery.

Address: Seth Green Drive, Rochester (Off of St. Paul Blvd. south of Rt 104.)

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