Channing Philbrick Park

Cascading Irondequoit Creek Cliffs in Channing Philbrick Park

Channing Philbrick Park in a beautiful 19 acre park running along side the Irondequoit Creek in Penfield. For the length of a mile, the water descends 90 feet through multiple, small cascading waterfalls. In the past, there were mills in the area using the power of the water to grind flour. A flat trail runs along the creek. There are also side trails going up a the hills on the side of the park. There are some areas with boardwalks. Here is a map of the trails from the Penfield Rec website. A pedestrian bridge separates the park into east and west sections. There is a playground area and this park is popular for fishing.

Address: 1 Linear Park Dr, Penfield

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