The Rochester area has a wide variety of parks. In the parks, one can find recreational areas, glacial formations, ponds, streams, hiking trails, and bird sanctuaries. The parks all have well maintained trails that can be used for running or walking. Most of the trails are well marked and maps for those trails can be found at the website for many of the parks. The following links have information about various parks in the area.

Picture from a trail in Highland Park Picture of squirrel in Mendon Ponds Park

Abraham Lincoln Park

Andrews Park & Trail

Badgerow Park

Black Creek Park

Breese Park

Brighton Town Park

Buckland Park

Channing Philbrick Park

Chili Nature Trail

Cobbs Hill Park

Corbett’s Glen Nature Park

Ellison Park

Durand Eastman Park

Genesee Valley Park

Greece Canal Park

Highland Park

Isaac Gordon Nature Park

Irondequoit Bay Marine Park

Irondequoit Bay Park West

King's Bend Park

Lucien Morin Park

Maplewood Park

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park

Martin Road Park

Mendon Ponds Park

Meridian Centre Park

Northampton Park

Oatka Creek Park

Ontario Beach Park

Powder Mills Park

Seneca Park

Seth Green Park

Stoney Brook Road Park

Tinker Nature Park

Thornell Farm Park

Thousand Acre Swamp Preserve

Tryon Park

Turning Point Park

Washington Grove

Widener Park