Mendon Ponds Park

Mendon Ponds Park had many different hiking trails. Some of the trails are flat and some are very hilly. The park is 2500 acres of forests, wetlands, hills, and glacial formations. There is a small nature center and near the nature center is Wild Wings that has beautiful birds that had been injured and need special care. On the Birdsong and Swamp Trail you can feed the friendly chickadees that will perch on your upheld hands to eat the sunflower seeds. The Devil's Bathtub, a glacial formation called a kettle, is especially wonderful place to see during the peak in fall colors. The website linked below has a good park map that can be downloaded. The main trails are shown on the map but there are many side trails off these trails that are also fun to explore. The Monroe County site has this map of the trails.

Address: Park Office- 95 Douglas Road, Honeoye Falls, NY 14472

Mendon Ponds Park

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Picture of the Devil's Bathtub and Mendon Ponds Park Trail in Mendon Ponds Park

Tips for feeding the chickadees

1. Chickadees like the black sunflower seeds.

2. Although they will look for food all year round, chickadees need to eat more in the winter in order to obtain the energy to stay warm.

3. The main trail to use for feeding the chickadees in the park is the Birdsong & Swamp Trail. This is found near the nature center.

4. Try going off the main trails into the bushy areas.

5. Keep walking until you hear their 2 to 3 note whistles and pause to hold you hand up with the seeds.

6. Standing in an area with many branches close by so they have a perching area to come from before coming to get their seeds.

7. Birds look for food most actively first thing in the morning and again right before nightfall.

Types of glacial formations in the park

Kames: Small conical hills formed by mounds of rubble left behind by the glaciers. There are many kames throughout the park. Look for some pronounced ones east of Lost and Round Ponds.

Eskers: Long winding ridges. The ridge running north from the Devil's Bathtub along the west side of the park is an esker.

Kettles: Circular depressions. Some are filled with water and others are dry. There are kettles throughout the park. Devils Bathtub is a very distinctive water filled kettle.

Monroe County Site Brochure on Glacial Formations in Mendon Ponds Park

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