Historical Markers and Monuments

A fun app to own is Field Trip. It is very useful in finding historical markers and monuments. Here are some marker and monuments in the Rochester area that memorialise important people, places, and events.

Historical marker for the site of Abraham Lincoln's brief speech to Rochester

Abraham Lincoln's Rochester Address

In 1861 during a brief train stop, Abraham Lincoln addressed the citizens of Rochester. This was the only time he visited Rochester. However, the crowds did gather by the train tracks in this area to pay respects when Abraham Lincoln funeral train passed through. This can be found at the south end of Mill Street on the wall of the inner loop entrance ramp.

Monument for the Fox sisters

Fox Sister's Monument

The Fox sisters were three sisters that lived in Rochester. They claimed to be able to cause the spirits to communicate with the living through rapping noises. They put on public demonstrations of their skills. Later one of the sisters confessed that their show was a hoax (though later she took this confession back). Even so, they were very influencial in the creation of Spiritualism. This monument can be found on the east end Troup Street- between the end of the street and Plymouth Avenue.

Historical Marker for the home of Frederick Douglas

Frederick Douglas Home

The historical marker for the home of Frederick Douglas is located on South Avenue near School #12. His house on South Avenue was a stop on the Underground Railroad. The house had many famous visitors over the years but had an explained fire that destroyed his home in 1872.

The grave marker for Sam Patch

The grave of Sam Patch

The Charlotte Cemetery has the grave for Sam Patch who jumped into the Genesee River in front of crowd of thousands of spectators in 1829. Although he successfully made the jump at an earlier time, he was unsuccessful in this second attempt and his body was found in the river in Charlotte months later. His death caused great feelings of guilt for many of the citizens of Rochester when preachers blamed his death on their curiosity in watching his daring attempt. At first a wooden marker was set upon his gravesite but later a stone marker was placed in the spot.

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