Genesee Valley Park

Picture of bridge in Genesee Valley ParkGenesee Valley Park is an 800 acre park with a rolling landscape. It is located at the intersection of the Genesee River, Red Creek, and the Erie Canal. It was designed by Fredrick Law Olmsted. There are some beautiful bridges in the park that cross the Genesee River and the Erie Canal. This park joins with the Genesee Valley Greenway which runs through the park and then south along the river and the Erie Canal Trail which runs along the canal. The Leheigh Valley Trail also has the northern part of the trail end at the canal. Heading north into the city is the Genesee Riverway Trail that runs along both sides of the river. The Genesee Waterways Center can be found in the park and it offers kayak and canoe rental. The Monroe County site has this map of the park.

Address: The park can be entered from Elmwood Avenue, East River Road, or Crittenden Road.

Genesee Valley Park website