Genesee Valley Greenway

Picture of a deer on the Genesee Valley GreenwayThe Genesee Valley Greenway runs parallel to the Genesee River and passes through forest and fields. The Lehigh Valley Trail connects to it underneath the town of Scottsville. It was the site of the old Genesee Valley Canal which ran northward from southern New York to the Erie Canal. The canal was active in the 1800s. The path has a flat terrain and runs along the old towpath and railroad bed. Remains of the canal bed can still be seen along the path. There are small parking areas at many of the access points to this trail. The path runs for 40 miles from Letchworth Park up to the Erie Canal. There it joins the Genesee Riverway Trail that runs along the Genesee River into the city of Rochester. Old culverts, stone locks, and signs descibing the canal history can be found along the path. The Friends of the Genesee Vally Greenway Site has this map of the trail.

Friends of The Genesee Valley Greenway site