Picture of longhouse at Ganondagan

Ganondagan is a historical site were visitors can learn about the Seneca Indians. It is on the site of the Seneca Community which flourished there 300 years ago. Visitors can go into a replica of a 17th century Seneca Bark Longhouse. There are many hiking trails with a rolling terrain going through the surrounding forests and fields.

Near to Ganondagan on Boughton Hill Road is Fort Hill. There is a small parking area and trails that let the hiker climb to top of the hill. On the hilltop there are many historical markers giving information about the French campaign against the Seneca Indians in 1687. There is a great view from the hill of the surrounding area. This hill also connects to many meandering trails that are used by mountain bike riders and hikers. These trails are connected with Dryer Park.

Address: Boughton Hill Road, Victor, NY

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