The Erie Canal

The Erie Canal was under construction from 1817 to 1825. The canal runs for 363 miles from Albany to Buffalo connecting the waterways from the Atlanta and the Hudson River to Lake Erie in Buffalo. The canal used to run through the city of Rochester but was re-routed to south of the city. The towpath follows the canal and provides a great trail for bicycles, runners, and walkers. An interesting experience is watching boats go through the active locks such as Lock 32 pictured here.

Also pictured here is the remains of the historical Lock 62. This can be found by heading east from Lock 32 and then heading north on the Erie Canal and Railroad Loop Trail or by looking in the forested area off the parking lot of the Pittsburg Wegmans. There will be a wooden sign for the lock.

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Picture of Lock 32 on the Erie Canal Picture of Lock 62