Rochester Bucket List

Here is a list of fun things to do in Rochester and the surrounding area.

For more information on some of the items, click the asterisk.

  1. Find the fairy houses at Tinker Nature Park. *
  2. Visit the grave of Francis Tumblety (Jack the Ripper suspect) in the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (middle of Section 13). *
  3. Find the small plaque that commemorates the site of a quick address given by Abraham Lincoln from a train platform to the citizens of Rochester. *
  4. Ride a Sam Patch tour boat on the Erie Canal.
  5. Rent a kayak to travel along the Genesee River or the Erie Canal.
  6. Visit the Casa Larga Vineyards and Winery.
  7. Look for hawks at Braddock Bay during the spring migrating season from March to May.
  8. Get a wine flight at the Wine Flight Bar in Corn Hill.
  9. Explore the Discovery Garden and the Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden at the Strong National Museum of Play. *
  10. Sample beers at the Genesee Brewery.
  11. Play a miniature golf game at the Whispering Pines Miniature Golf Course. This is the oldest golf course in the United States that is still in use (since 1930).
  12. Go to the public market on North Union Street.
  13. Find the marker for King's Landing, the first settlement of in what is now the city of Rochester, and then, close to that area, visit the small King's Landing Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Rochester.
  14. Go to the Webster Park Pier in Webster Park. *
  15. Have lunch at the original Nick Tahou Hots restaurant in downtime Rochester.
  16. Visit the East Avon Flea Market.
  17. Look at the artwork at the Village Gate Square.
  18. Rent a kayak at the Bay Creek Paddling Center.
  19. Visit The New York Museum of Transportation in Rush.
  20. Get a German meal at the Swan Market on Parsells Ave.
  21. Visit the Eastman Memorial, a small park containing a memorial to George Eastman. This is also his grave.
  22. View the exhibits at Artisanworks.
  23. See the Maplewood Park Rose Garden when it is in full bloom.
  24. In May, hike the Daffodil Trail in Pittsford to find the Daffodil Fields.
  25. Walk on the boardwalk at the Turning Point Park.
  26. Visit the haunted remains called the White Lady’s Castle in Durand-Eastman Park. *
  27. Follow the ArtWalk urban art trail in downtown Rochester.
  28. See the Devil's Bathtub when the fall colors are at their peak at Mendon Pond Park.
  29. Go on a tour on the Mary Jemison River Boat.
  30. Shop at the Grand Cru Chocolates & Nuts store.
  31. Use the disk golf course at Ellison Park.
  32. Explore the Port of Rochester.
  33. Check out some of the international or Asian markets and get something different to make for a meal.
  34. Watch for owls in Owl's Woods at Braddock Bay.
  35. Try the disk golf course, walk on the trail, and get some fruit at the Apple Farm in Victor.
  36. Visit the Thomas Creek Wetland Walk near Fairport.
  37. See the Ellwanger Garden during one of its public openings.
  38. Head for the Seneca Park Zoo to see the animals.
  39. Find the historical Main Street Armory building on East Main Street.
  40. Visit the Stone-Tolan House which is the oldest building in the county.
  41. Walk the streets in the Corn Hill District to view the many Victorian homes. *
  42. Eat a Zweigle’s hot dog. Zweigle’s products are made in Rochester
  43. Visit the Monkey Run Trail in Victor.
  44. Go wine tasting in the Finger Lakes area.
  45. Explore the Browncroft Historic District.
  46. Find the trees identified on the map for the University of Rochester Arboretum. *
  47. Find the two waterfalls in the Bullock’s Woods Preserve area in Turning Point Park.
  48. Visit the Valentown Museum in Victor.
  49. See the Springdale Farm at Northampton Park.
  50. Walk over the Fairport Lift Bridge and explore the canal paths in Fairport.
  51. Walk along Park Avenue and browse the shops, including the Parkleigh Gift Shop.
  52. See the Hervey Ely House, a home built in the Greek Revival style. *
  53. Visit Aqueduct Park along the Erie Canal in Palmyra.
  54. Walk along boardwalked trails in the Thousand Acre Swamp in Penfield. *
  55. Look for birds along the trail at Mary Frances Bluebird Haven.
  56. Visit the Foster Cottage Museum in Clifton Springs to learn about the history of the Clifton Springs Water Cure.
  57. Find the Obelisk remembering the Fox Sisters that is located on Troup Street. *
  58. Try a new beer at The Beer Market on Mount Hope Avenue.
  59. Check out the beautiful persimmon trees in Persimmon Park on South Clinton Avenue.
  60. Bring some tea to the Susan B. Anthony Square Park and sit and enjoy the statue of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglas drinking tea. *
  61. Try a DiBella's sub.
  62. Have a coffee and hang out at the Spot Coffee on East Avenue.
  63. Go inside the Powers Building and climb the different staircases.
  64. Go hiking on the trail in Abraham Lincoln park and get a view of the Irondequoit Bay
  65. Enjoy the view of Trout Pond and find the Zoo Cascade and Zoo falls in Seneca Park.
  66. Get a good view of the Honeoye Falls.
  67. Find the Norton's Falls in Seth Green Park.
  68. Explore the tunnel of the abandoned Rochester Subway.
  69. Get some ice cream at the Pittsford Farms Dairy.
  70. Explore the Maplewood Historic District.
  71. Walk along the Auburn Trail in Victor.
  72. Visit the Spencerport Depot & Canal Museum, walk along the canal in Spencerport, and watch the vertical lift bridge go up for the canal boats.
  73. Walk out the full length of the pier at Ontario Beach Park.
  74. Feed the chickadees at Mendon Pond Park from your hand. *
  75. Get a street view of the Boynton House which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
  76. Have lunch at the Highland Park Diner.
  77. View the outstanding architecture in East Ave/Sandringham/Ambassador Drive neighborhood.
  78. Visit an area maple syrup sugarhouse during maple syrup season.
  79. Watch a film at the Little Theatre. *
  80. Place disk golf at the course at Monroe Community College.
  81. Enjoy the gardens at the Durand Eastman Park Arboretum. *
  82. Walk along the trails in Durand Eastman Park.
  83. Go on a tour at Black Button Distilling and purchase a flight to sample the spirits.
  84. Ride the Carousel at Ontario Beech Park. *
  85. See the Genesee River from Aqueduct Park. *
  86. Go on some of the many tours given at Mount Hope Cemetery.
  87. Find the graffiti walls behind the Village Gate Square. It's fenced in but there is a small trail to the side that allows the visitor to get in to walk around the buildings. *
  88. Visit the Abbey of the Genesee in Piffard, NY and get some Monks' Bread.
  89. Explore the trails in Tryon Park and/or Lucien Morin Park.
  90. Find the picture of David Bowie's mugshot on East Ave.
  91. Walk along Main Street and see the Liberty Pole.
  92. Visit the Memorial Art Gallery.
  93. View the Densmore Falls in Irondequoit.
  94. Hike along side the cascading Irondequiot Creek in the Channing Philbrick Park in Penfield. *
  95. Walk or run along the perimeter park trail in Buckland Park.
  96. Walk the whole Genesee Riverway Trail from the Erie Canal to Lake Ontario.
  97. Visit the Craft Company No. 6 on University Avenue.
  98. Visit the Scottsville Free Library.
  99. Explore the inside of the Sibley Building.
  100. Have some coffee at Java Cafe on Gibbs Street.